Your Options for Drying the Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes grasp the way to flawless makeup application, bristles. The correct brush can represent the moment of truth your routine. You can finish up looking flawless and fresh, or like a kindergartener’s clown painting. Which is the reason, we frequently splurge on extravagant brushes and are angry when they go into disrepair for reasons unknown.

We get it, and we have a straightforward answer for your concern. If your makeup brushes are looking somewhat rough and, two months in, begin going into disrepair, the appropriate response could be found in your drying techniques. Makeup brushes should be dealt with consistently with an appropriate washing and drying at regular intervals. Need to realize how to shield your brushes from ruin? Peruse on!

Drying the Makeup Brushes

Begin with a perfect towel

In the wake to dry makeup brushes faster, take a perfect towel and crush it delicately around the bristles to press any abundance water out of the brush. An easy method to do this is to put your freshly washed brush on a delicate, dry towel. Overlap over the towel with the goal that it encompasses the brush. Delicately press on it to sop up the abundance water.

Pick the correct surface

Pick a level surface with an edge (restroom ledge, table, dresser, and so on) and spread out a perfect towel along the surface.

Dry your brush

Lay brushes level on the towel so the bristles are hanging over the edge. You need the air to almost certainly flow around the brushes so they can dry thoroughly and evenly.

Many utilize the strategy for drying brushes in a cup. Try not to do that as this is not the best way to dry makeup brushes faster! This makes the water stream down into the glue that holds the bristles and handle together. The water at that point extricates and ruins the glue and thusly murders your poor brush. That is the manner by which you end up getting bristles dropping out of your most loved brush. Balancing them over the edge of a surface likewise enables the bristles to safeguard their shape.

Dry makeup brushes quicker

Truly, it’s an errand, and it’s a tedious one at that, however a major piece of that inconvenience is making sense of how to dry the wet brushes. Come what may, they dry makeup brushes quickly unevenly or with bent bristles (not ideal when they cost as much as they do).

That is the reason, when we saw this progressive hack from a virtuoso Reddit user, we needed to share. Go get some rubber bands, in light of the fact that drying your makeup brushes is a task no more.