Spring Ale on Bowen Island

May Day 2009

Have bells, will travel

We have danced up and down the west coast

In the sunny vineyards of the Okanagan

For Mother’s Day, Victoria Day

At the Dundarave Festival of Lights

The Winter Solstice Lantern Festival

At wedding and private parties...

And we’ll dance for you!

What we offer

Select a performance that suits your event:

        * Short sets of colourful morris dances with live music

        * English and Canadian folk songs. Join in the chorus!

        * Traditional and original music on the melodeon, whistle, drum and musical saw

        * Audience participation. Easy country dances taught on the spot

        * Mumming plays: Traditional, short and light-hearted plays with the universal

          themes of love, or the battle between light and dark

We can wanter through your fair or festival for an hour or an afternoon, or take part in a scheduled stage performance.

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